Astounding russian beauty standards

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Astounding russian beauty standards
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Astounding russian beauty standards

Feminine beauty and appeal have always been a topic of discussion, but each epoch has its own criteria for female attractiveness evaluation which is dictated by modernity. Something that has been trendy yesterday may be considered unattractive today and most modern men are unlikely to like beauties of the past century. But one thing remains the same - particular qualities of slavic beauty standards are in regular features, grooming and most importantly, naturalness and cordiality.

What are the Russian standards of beauty in today's world

Russian woman's beauty, intelligence, strength, tenderness have always been admired by men. What woman is a standard of beauty for European man today?

Russian standards of beauty are constantly changing. First it was a woman with curvy shapes. Then she was replaced by graceful, athletic girl with short hair, small breasts, rosy cheeks. Now men's opinions are gradually returning to naturalism, men need naturalness - both in terms of shapes and relationships.

The power of female beauty is glorified in songs, described in verse and prose, embodied in artists' canvases. This beauty intoxicates and drives crazy, it becomes a cause of duels and wars, it's able to destroy and inspire to heroism. Gold standard of beauty in Russian is inconstant. Standards of female appearance change with each coming era. Each century had left memorable images of luxurious women who people looked up to and who were idolized. What type of Russian beauties is relevant in today's world?

A set of the features. Eloquent eyes and eye-catching features are the first things that draw men's attention. Gracefulness, neatness, style - the following criterion in the concept of beauty.

Figure. If statistic's anything to go by, then half of planet's male population prefers long-legged, tall, slender ladies with a magnificent bust, wasp waist. About 5% of men prefer curvy ample girl, another 5% choose delicate miniature girls. The rest think that the main thing in female figure - proportionality and harmony with inner world.

Hair. Russian standard is still a girl with blond hair. If to talk about the length - long, healthy, shiny hair's considered to be the biggest advantage.

Tired of the "artificiality" of modern women, men increasingly seek naturalness in their chosen one.


Beautiful slavic women are considered the most desirable girls on earth. In spite of varying standards, they manage to maintain their individuality, grace and ability to win hearts.

Appearance. It's the first thing all men pay attention to. Ladies skillfully emphasize their excellent natural appearance with daily makeup and cosmetic treatments.

Gracefulness. The concept of slenderness is constant in Russia, they're always fit and in good shape. Ladies attend gym to always be slim and sexy. Even if a girl is plump, she goes in for sports and her body looks a nice and healthy.

Warm-heartedness. The most important thing that distinguishes these women is sincerity, an ability to love, give warmth to their loved ones. They're wonderful housewives, gorgeous lovers and best friends for their husband.


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