Girls from Belarus - 3 hints for a great date with

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Girls from Belarus - 3 hints for a great date with
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Girls from Belarus - 3 hints for a great date with

1. Hint Uno. Bring a Belarusian girl in the place she adores

Once you set the time and date for the first encounter, ask her to suggest a romantic place that she fancies. To begin with, you won’t have to research the Internet checking the info about local entertainment. Then, you'll figure out what your Belarusian woman likes the most depending on the meeting spot she goes to. And lastly, she will feel like at home in a place she has been before, so expect the conversation go smoothly.

To conclude, gender roles are still there in Belarus. Be ready to pick up the bill. Don’t be stingy: no one likes Scrooges. Belarusian ladies are unlikely to go Dutch: it would be humiliating to you not to pay for the dinner you both enjoyed.

2. Hint Dos. Take a Belarusian girl in her favorite place

Try picking up on what the lady appreciates the most during the first encounter. Such an attention will ease up your date and will help you further in your future relationship with Belarusian girl. As an example, if she likes swimming, it would be a great idea to go to a swimming pool on the roof e.g. Maybe she likes movies, so buy two tickets to bring a smile to her face. Your lady is likely to like you even more when she sees your efforts to please her and make this evening memorable for both of you.

3. Hint Tres. Meet the family of your Belarusian girl

You are mature guy who has no time to waste, so try learning her background by dropping by her relatives. Family bonds are of great value in Belarus, so it will definitely be a feather in your cap to meet her parents. Moreover, if you are trying to build a strong relationship, insist on getting introduced to her family and bring some good gifts to the lunch. In this type of setting, you will have all the chances to learn about the things you lady likes and understand why she has appeared to grow up so great. In addition, you will show your determination to a serious relationship not just an affair some guys have when they travel on business or for pleasure.